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About Badges Field

Welcome to Badges Field!
The company was established in 2004 supplying marching band uniforms and accessories to UK marching bands under the name Badges Field. We also supply marching band uniforms to the mainland UK. The specialty of the company is supplying marching band uniforms from the design stage to on the road, design, samples, embroidery, shirts, ropes, Belts, Flute Pouch, & hats etc,
The success of the business in creating marching band uniforms has enabled us to expand to larger premises so we can carry on working throughout Northern Ireland and the U.K. mainland. We can provide products of great quality for excellent value and pride ourselves in the high standards we deliver and also our aftercare service.
Full services include Band Uniforms, Tunic, Trousers, Ceremonial Jackets, Peaked Caps, Dress Pilot Shirts, PVC Belts, Bannerettes, Band Flag Standard, Belt Buckle, Waist Belts, Beret Caps, Blazer Badges, Hand Made Bullion Wire Badges, Blazer Wings, Braids Laces, Metal Buttons, Cap Badges, Cap Cords, Cap Tally, Chevron, Clan Crest, Collar Tabs, Collarets, Cuff Links, Embroidered Key Rings, Embroidered Peaks, Epaulettes, Family Crests, Coats of Arms, Flag Cords Tassels, Forage Caps, Side Caps, Base Ball Caps, Helmets, Hats, HMS Blazer Badges, Lanyards, Lapel Pins, Large Blazer Crest, Machine Patches, Masonic Regalia, Medals Jewels, Metal Badges, Neck Ties, Peak Caps, Pendants, Pillow Embroidery, Bagpipes, Bagpipe Banners, Pipe Band Badges, Polo Shirts, PVC Flute Pouch, PVC Waist Belt, Drum Belt, Flag Carrying Belt, Drum Cords, Drum Protector, Leather Frog, Regimental Ties, Bow Ties, Regimental Badges, Regimental Buttons, Sash Baldric, Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Cords, Shoulder Slides, Aiguillettes, Special Custom Embroideries, Custom Uniform Embroideries, Sporrans, Squadron Badges, Sword Knots, Tassels Cords, Tee Shirts, Pilot Dress Shirts, Tie Clip Pins, Wooden Plaque Shields, WW2 Arm Bands, WW2 Caps, WW2 Collar Tabs, WW2 Flags, WW2 Metal Insignias, WW2 Shoulder Slides, WW2 Uniforms, to almost every conceivable type of user in the World,

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Military Buttons
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Military Buttons
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Military Ties
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Marching Band Trouser
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Peaked Caps
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Wooden Plaque Shields
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